Q1.Is Sober.Me a drug?

Sober.Me is not a drug. It is a Patent Pending supplement consisting entirely of natural ingredients and probiotics.
As Sober.Me is not a drug, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and is not reviewed by the Food & Drug Administration.

Q2. Can I take Sober.Me and expect not to be drunk?

Sober.Me reduces the effects of alcohol by reducing the amount of alcohol your body has to process. Just like your body, if you overtax Sober.Me, you are certainly overtaxing your body and as such you are likely to get drunk or worse. ALWAYS Drink responsibly.

Q3. How many Sober.Me capsules should I take?

A serving of Sober.Me is two capsules. A typical Scenario would be taking Sober.Me around 8pm, drinking moderately and you should feel less drunk after each hour assuming you do not binge and drink at the same or lower level, tapering off as the night ends.

Q4. Should I consult a Doctor Prior to taking Sober.Me?

As with any supplement, if you have any preexisting conditions, you should consult your doctor before taking Sober.Me.

Q5. How long does Sober.Me last?

A serving of Sober.Me should last you a normal night of drinking. You can take the two additional capsules an hour or two into the evening if you feel the need to.

Q6. How is Sober.Me different from energy and “hangover drinks”?

Sober.Me attacks the source that causes all the symptoms that energy drinks and so called “hangover drinks” claim to address but in reality just mask. Sober.Me’s goal is to reduce the amount of alcohol in your system. Energy and hangover drinks do not and in fact come in after the damage has already been done. In fact, their ingridients, aim to increase your heart rate and the vitamins and various chemicals they contain will not address the problem. They might mask the effects just as much as a raw egg or cup of coffee would.

Consider Sober.Me the equivalent of a fire suppression system whereas these drinks, simply put are just the clean up crew. If you have less alcohol in your system you are less likely to have a significant amount of toxins in your body, damage your body less and have less free radicals all of which result in a hangover as well as other negative effects.
Unlike these drinks, which at best mask symptoms, Sober.Me was designed to actively reduce the amount of alcohol in your body which in turn reduces or eliminates your hangover the next day.

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